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Eduardo Verdecia: Recipient of the 3rd Street Gallery Winter Collection Juror's Prize


Recipient of the 3rd Street Gallery Winter Collection Juror's Prize

First Friday:
Friday, July 6, 5 - 9 pm
Sunday, July 8, 2 - 5 pm

Eduardo Verdecia was awarded the Juror's Prize by Luella Tripp in 3rd Street Gallery's Winter Collection Exhibition this past January, 2018. Verdecia is a Cuban artist who lives and works in the United States. He was born in Holguin, Cuba in 1978, where he received his BFA from the Academy of the Fine Arts “El Alba”, in 1998 and had his first major exhibition which focussed on "discontent with late 20th century Cuba´s immediate reality through anecdotes arising out of the relationship between society and individuals."

In 2001, Verdecia immigrated to the United States and in this new context began painting abstractly. In 2015, Mulberry Art Studios in Lancaster, PA presented a solo show with his new body of work “Aerial Abstraction” based on the transformation of Google Maps images into visually striking colorful abstract paintings. He has also exhibited his work at 3rd Street Gallery in Philadelphia, and the Lancaster Museum of Art, among other galleries in the United States and abroad.

Verdecia states: "My work comes from observing the geography of the planet through modern technological applications such as Google Maps, and Global Positioning System. I use real road trip images and data from my GPS, together with screen captures of aerial views taken from my computer. I combine details from both cityscapes and rural landscapes in an abstract perception of reality.

I explore the relationship between nature and man-made environment, through a process that involves translating digital images to the language of painting; simplifying, and transforming purely technological elements into common sense compositions. This is an attempt to provoke the viewer into reflecting on the work´s formal structures, and reconsidering their very own notions of perception.

Abstract Expressionism is my main source of inspiration. One of the features that identifies my work with this movement is the open, boundary-less field on the painting´s surface. I work with frontal picture planes, with no hierarchy whatsoever between the different parts of the canvas. I aim to express different moods during the creative process by using a wide color palette, superposed spontaneous brushstrokes, gestural strokes of lines, and dripping paint. My work is a celebration of all the aspects conditioned by modern life, while raising a question mark against the uncertainty of our present time."

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