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D. S. Nicholas: implicative_contemplative_formative

March 4 - March 29, 2015

First Friday: March 6, 5 - 9 pm

This work traces a process of visual exploration over the past four years. It includes the proposal of panels for the interior environment and two dimensional works that explore interior patterns. Graphically the work travels the intentional use of a variety of technologies real and imagined. Culminating in a proposed prototypical interior system for wall panels. My work is a product of information technologies, and computer generated imagery filtered through human hands. The imagery is derived from a number of sources such as ancient architectural plans, mundane and special interior spaces, Space Mountain, digital models, found objects and natural animal habitats. These ancient, natural and sometimes modern references are then denied their completion by way of the hand, natural design or architectural elements. This transfer does not disrupt the overall aesthetic enjoyment from these collaborative worlds. In fact, the artist acts as an enabler for the viewer’s unique journey into this strange and captivating internal visual structure.