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Intersection: Associate Members Group Show

April 1 - April 26, 2015

First Friday: April 3, 5 - 9 pm

Artist Reception: Sunday, April 12, 1 - 4 pm


When two people intersect, there is an exchange of glances, of awareness, even of ideas. Their eyes and their minds may open to exciting new things. Now multiply that by 15.  Fifteen artists, each of us unique and different, displaying together- each confronting and absorbing the work of the others.  The personal enrichment multiply exponentially.

Come join the second half of our associate membership for their 2015 show, Intersection, which displays their diverse, multi-directional artworks.  We invite you to join us on First Friday 3 April from 5-9pm and to meet the participants at our Artists' Reception on Sunday 12 April from 1-3pm.  The exhibition opens Wednesday 1 April and continues through Sunday 26 April.

Exhibiting Artists: 

Ali Mahjouri • Jean Burdick • Carol Deutsch • Ryan Drummond • Marjorie Grigonis • Tom Herbert • Robert Hunter • John James Pron • June Blumberg • Alicia Mini-Gonzales • Tecu'mish Munha'ke • Kim Knauer • Sally Walker • Michelle Malkasian Weisberg • Bill Kendzerski