Sharon Egan

Sharon Egan, Forsythe, oil, 8 x 8"

After the election, I heard this statistic:  53% of white women voted for Donald Trump.  I felt shocked, betrayed and deeply saddened.  Many wore a safety pin as a method of identifying as not having voted to set women’s rights, race relations, civil rights, equal pay and environmental protections back 50 years.  

We are all, to some extent, inscrutable.  I began to see dark glasses as a metaphor for that.

Using sunglasses as a device, I explore the personal boundaries we protect, and the opinions we conceal, as enigmatic individuals navigating the impersonal, public space of a politically divided, socially detached world.

Dark glasses protect, create a veil, mask, present the wearer as a riddle. Yet, because the wearer chooses the glasses, the glasses themselves offer a clue to the wearer’s sensibilities. I explore the idea of sunglasses as a slate upon which any persona can be projected, while my subject’s true self, identity and story remains a mystery.

My models are garnered from the streets of Philadelphia.

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