When creating my paintings I use many layers of pigmented wet pulp to form a base sheet on Plexiglas. Using various methods, such as stenciling and pulp manipulation, I am able to add or subtract shapes and colors. At times I work directly on the mould or on pellon (a fabric liner used by sewers) and then transfer my design onto Plexiglas. When I am satisfied with my composition, I allow the paper to dry. Sometimes I will paint with gouache on top of the dried paper. The matte finish of the gouache against the pigmented paper produces a vibrant color.

My work is spontaneous and deeply personal. I choose to use paper pulp as my medium because it lets me be exploratory and very hands on.  As a painter, the surprises of my "happy mistakes" keeps the work fresh. I do not work from literal sources, but I am inspired by nature and my childhood. Images flow from my thoughts creating bright bold shapes and textures.

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