In my paintings, my immediate environment as well as my personal response to that environment, find convergence.  My drawing and acrylic work are the departure points from which I begin to explore the inner world.  Trees and landscape in particular inspire because of their anthropological and organic qualities.  They are a link between the generations and create powerful connections.  Throughout my travels in the United States and abroad , I have recently been alarmed at the rate in wich the natural landscape is changing: disappearing. Capturing the essence; a moment in time, I will often invent entire passages in order to clarify the intent of the painting.  Truth is found here.  Light and atmosphere in a particular paintingare as much about what I have experienced in my life as what I see in the moment.  In the act of painting, I attempt to create a synthesis that finds beauty and meaning in the mundane.  This, for me, is a hopeful act. 

A graduate of the Tyler School of Art, Malkasian-Weisberg studied painting in Rome, New Mexico, Mexico, and Greece.