Figure Drawings and Portraits represent a direct line leading back to my earliest days busily sketching away when I filled sketchbooks with similar imagery drawn from imagination and executed with my distinctly ‘’loose’ style.

I continue to be drawn to the city. It lives deep in my psyche and is always with me. Still Life’s can be work from a tableau but is more often a combination of what I see on the setup and what I see in my mind’s eye. Art for me is like breathing. It is just what I do. I will never take anything that makes life worth living, especially my art, for granted.

These paintings make me normal and help to heal me. It is my great pleasure to share the fruits of my labor, this artwork with others, hoping it will open them up to a deeper meaning. When you look at my work try to reflect on what makes you tick, what makes your life worthwhile? What things make you feel? What things make you want to reach out to those things and people you love and tell them how glad you are to have them along with you on this journey. For me, this is all part of my art.

My work and art is produced in my studio in Bala Cynwyd outside of Philadelphia.

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