Kris' work features a heavy emphasis on cityscapes developed using a vibrant palette that makes the urban landscape come alive and that evoke her strong ties to urban Philadelphia. Her work is heavily tinged with abstract expression, a theme in her art dating back to PAFA where she painted primarily abstract images. Fish and Flowers populate an ongoing series of vibrant and evocative paintings imbued with a kinetic sense of motion rendered in Kris’s distinct palette.

Figure Drawings and Portraits represent a direct line leading back to her earliest days busily sketching away when she filled sketchbooks with similar imagery drawn from her imagination and executed with her distinctly loose style.  These pieces truly reach back to Kris’ beginning as a serious artist and set the stage for much of her journey of exploration and discovery.

Kris continues to work and produce art in her studio in Bala Cynwyd outside of Philadelphia, to show at 3rd Street Gallery.

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