Jennifer Rodgers


My art explores the concept of impermanence. It explores the transitory essence of time passing and the fragility of our world and the earth. The purpose of my work is to take the viewer on a journey within; a journey of the mind and personal experience. The compositions I create are meant to serve as a quiet meditation or reflection on the moments, places, and experiences in our life.

I Wish You The Sunshine of Tomorrow

I Wish You The Sunshine of Tomorrow

Each of my works includes several layers of materials to represent multiple meanings and fragments of time. These layers, marks, and stitches represent a specific moment or experience. Through many layers within a work of art, I explore the many layers of one’s human reality. I create these layers with a combination of gesso, acrylic paint, monoprints, gouache, drawing, and sometimes hand stitching. 

My works were borne out of personal experience and a need for self expression, as a place to express my thoughts and feeling when I could not find adequate words. My art has become a place for me to have an intimate conversation about impermanence, death, and grief. I have created these works to give my own personal grief a presence and a safe place to exist. They can also serve as a road map through grief for others. These works are meant to be complex and abstract so that the viewer can investigate their own relationship to impermanence and transient nature of life. 

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