A recurrent theme in my work is the fragility of nature.  Using the natural world as an inspiration, I create prints and paintings alluding to the results of environmental change.

I draw on my photographs, which recapture light, shadow and memory  as I  review the landscape imagery. Then I begin the reinterpretation and abstraction process: modifying the scale, textural elements, surface qualities and color tone.

As each print or painting builds, I add successive layers of patterns, textures, shapes and colors, beginning with silkscreen printing and enhanced by drawing, painting, printing and experimental mark-making. Each layer magnifies, overlaps, obscures or otherwise enhances the layers that came before.

The images can be metaphors for narratives of unfolding life cycles: birth, growth, death and regeneration. Reimagining what I have visualized, I am able to reference the natural world without being constrained by it.

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