My recent work springs from an intuitive calligraphy, which transports me to my earliest origins, the called Illo Tempore. This origin, and it universal code is what truly attracts me, and that appears spontaneously in my paintings.

My series titled Inner Codes originated from my method of “calligraphic” painting: using spontaneous drawing, to evoke a primal and pictographic mode of communication. I do these paintings from a gestalt conception, connecting with the present time or the here and now. In that way, I am able to create my own pictograms from my feelings more than my intellectual-thoughts, or my background information. The images I get are a universal yet mysterious writing that directs me to my collective unconscious and reminds me that I have existed since time immemorial.

My recent series of painting I have titled: Journey: Catalonia is related to my recent trip to Spain during 2013. I can imagine previously traveling freely throughout the continents, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, flying trough the air, or sailing trough the sea. From the top I am observing the earth and her power, and the ocean moving around. Magnified pieces of maps from Catalonia or the streets from Barcelona crisscross among the atmosphere.

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