Elynne Rosenfeld



I have always preferred art that includes exploring the beautiful as part of its statement, and have sought to effect the same in my own work. Over the last decade, however, the influence of my growing Reiki practice has shifted my art’s focus to that of healing intention ensconced in visual beauty.  My series of acrylic paintings entitled “Succulents” renders extreme close ups of tropical plants by layering Reiki symbols repetitively, meditatively and slowly with a tiny script brush.  Beads and glass shards playing off the multi-textured paint are meant to engage the eye long enough for the viewer to perhaps begin reaping benefit of the infused Reiki.

The Divine Alignment series is even more directly about Reiki. While not revealing the sacred symbols, parts of these are interspersed with others to weave the composition of these abstract paintings. 

Whether you prefer figurative or abstract work, I hope you will find something in my artwork to connect you to its positive message.

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