I work with oil paints, mostly without the use of any medium so as to create very opaque rendering. My goal in creating art is always concentrated on the end product and because of this I’ll spend as
much time prepping a piece as I will actually putting paint to surface. I tend to view the process of painting as just that, a process. I am most interested in how the work looks when it is finished, and
not so much in the actual “experience” of the painting process. This is because of my focus is on how the imagery itself will affect the viewer, with whom I am interested in creating a connection.

During my school years I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Tourette Syndrome. Because of this, I have struggled with the need to control both my mind and my body. A large part
of gaining control was through the help of therapy. The big turning point came when I got to meet other kids in a group session who had the same conditions I had. This was an incredibly cathartic
experience, in which I got to meet first hand other people who struggled in the same way that I do. My goal is to create this same sense of solidarity with those who view my work. As such, my
goal as a painter is to elicit a sense of understanding through emotion.

Being fascinated with the human figure's ability to express emotion, I am determined to create through the rendering of form and posture bold imagery that cannot be ignored. I believe that the
connections we make with images can be powerful, becoming a way to accept how we feel and the need for healing.

My hope is that my paintings can be a source of therapy through recognition and empathy.

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