All my proposals and works are the result of research and thinking that portray my concerns, and how I visualize humanity and social behaviors. Questioning “What is identity?”, “How is identity built?”, I work these matters thought situational dialogues within subjective truths.

I think the controversy around the world is triggered by intolerance and identity situations. I name the contemporary human society “Romantic Decadence”, to describe an ornamented bi-moral concept, and we need to revise the social values. I explore the human conditions, the fragmentations of a being, gender topics, biological, cultural, psychological identity.

In aesthetics context I confirm a fragmented vision, an abstract essence contained into recognized and unrecognized shapes and figures. I suggest the conjugations of abstract and figurative elements, and the possibilities of other dimensions.

I’m working into portraying identity through the interactions of mediums and materials. Drawing, collage, painting, photograph, fibers.