Landscape exerts a powerful siren call, even for an abstract artist.  Through the first part of my career, I was a still life photographer who worked in platinum and palladium, using large format cameras. The pull of landscape began to exert itself as I took my view cameras out into the field, finding ways to use the special look of those two non-silver techniques invented in the late 1800’s, in a more contemporary manner on both drawing and rice papers.

When I moved to painting and printmaking while getting my MFA at the University of Pennsylvania, my work took a detour into the totally abstract.  But once again the paintings, which were mostly inspired by the poems of the WWI British “Trench” poets, began to look and feel more and more like landscape.  The paintings led to drawings, mixed media and eventually to pastels.  Now, I think of myself as a landscape artist with a healthy dose of the abstract thrown in.

Over the past several years, that landscape lure has continued, becoming more and more focused on the horizon line. Working with soft pastels on paper or rice paper, color and the mark propel the image.

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