I am inspired by a passionate curiosity for molecules, poetry, music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the Japanese aesthetic, handwritten texts, Latin rhythms, and the sea. These are synergistic forces in my life that refuse to be bounded or compartmentalized. As such, they permeate my artwork.  You will find poetry, both literal and visual, in my work. And you will find the music of my lute in those pieces that are reminiscent of medieval manuscripts. It is the beauty and complexity and the profound timelessness of these scenes that holds me captive. 

The main vehicles for my exploration are the worlds of sumi-e brush painting, eastern and western calligraphy, manuscript illumination, and fantastic creatures conjured by magic.  These are meditative art forms that are a labor of love and intense concentration. Each has a limitless means of expression, and I experiment endlessly with these media to reveal their capacities and ambiguities. It is the constant experimentation and discovery that directs my journey.