Afternoon Glow II", 20" x 16", mixed media & collage on panel

Blanche Levitt Torphy

painter and mixed media artist

I love creating landscape and abstract works in watercolor, pastels, acrylics, mixed media and collage. A common theme throughout my art is my use of warm, vibrant colors and the capture of my emotional resonance to a subject.  I enjoy using different painting techniques and the use of collage to create a specific mood and textural elements in my paintings. I often recycle my art by tearing up old watercolor paintings and utilizing the pieces in a new work. I also like to gesso over my old artwork and use it as a substrate for a new painting, collage, or mixed media piece. My collage materials may include cheese cloth, natural leaves and bark, Japanese rice paper and hand-painted papers, old letters, newsprint, maps, crossword puzzles, tickets, old book pages and photograph transfers.  When these materials are incorporated into my painting, they add a sense of mystery and depth to an otherwise representational piece of art.  My goal is to draw the viewer into my artwork, and to stimulate curiosity and intrigue about the sources of texture and messages beneath the paint.  


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