Kathleen Shaver

Painting is for me, primarily about mark making and often, I think of the Lascaux cave paintings and feel a kinship with those early painters.  Although painting can be a primal and naive act, it is also a form of communication and therefore, involves participation in a constantly evolving historical conversation, one recorded in paint. When faced with the canvas and armed with brush and pigment, my experience can be an intense interior/exterior struggle aimed at recognizing, yet challenging, acquired conceptual structures and assumptions in order to discover the essential primal and naive relations that I seek.

Currently, I am most influenced by abstract expressionism and neo-expressionism and admire deeply the work of painters such as Willem DeKooning, Philip Guston, and Joan Mitchell, as well as contemporary greats such as Anselm Kiefer, Cecily Brown, Neo Rauch, and Louise Fishman.

I work in oil on canvas producing paintings in a mid-range size of 3 to 4 feet, a larger size in the 5 to 7 foot range, as well as small paintings on panel and paper in a 12 to 24-inch range.  I also produce large-scale drawings and mixed media works on paper and am exploring monoprints, which I enjoy immensely.

I have exhibited with the Rodger Lapelle Galleries, the Woodmere Art Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine arts, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


artwork by 3rd Street Gallery Artist
paint on canvas
48"h X 66"W Framed

Expressive, gestural marks and a thick paint application characterize a fresh approach to a traditional theme: the garden.


"School," oil on canvas by kathleen Shaver
oil on canvas
50"H X 46"W

Bold brushwork gives this mid-size canvas a more expansive feeling.

Summer Adventure

artwork by 3rd Street Gallery Artist
oil on canvas
54"H X 48"W Framed

A lively gestural approach to the canvas that features a thick paint application and subtle use of color. This piece received the Juror's Choice Award from Ross L. Mitchell, Executive Director of the Violette de Masia Foundation, at the 2013 Abington Art Center Juried Exhibition.


artwork by 3rd Street Gallery Artist, Kathleen Shaver
oil on canvas
61"H X 48"W

This painting was selected for the Juror's Choice Award in a Maryland Federation of Art Exhibition at the University of Maryland, entitled "Extra-Large, Extra-Small."

Full Crumb

artwork by 3rd Street Gallery Artist, Kathleen Shaver
oil on canvas
63"H X 72"W

A large canvas that features fluid painterly passages and areas of thick bold paint application.

Small Diptych A

artwork by 3rd Street Gallery Artist
oil on panel
12"H X 21"W

A small diptych, oil on panel, features lively brushwork and quirky color.

Small Painting 1-A

artwork by 3rd Street Gallery Artist
oil on paper
23"H X 19"W Framed

A small oil painting on paper features the bold graphic design of a cross.


artwork by 3rd Street Gallery Artist
mixed media and collage on paper
47"H x 75"w framed

A mixed media and collage work on paper that combines fragments of oriental prints and designs with gestural brushwork to evoke a sense of the fecundity of nature and the perennial seasons of decay and regrowth that inspire human thought and emotion.