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Edwina Brennan: Contemporary Gestures

Contemporary Gestures, a solo exhibition by Edwina Brennan

Exhibition Dates: February 28 - April 1
First Friday: Friday, March 2, 5 - 9 PM
Reception: Sunday, March 4, 2- 5 PM

“Just a mark.  I start with just a mark – simple, straightforward. But then there is another mark, then another, a splotch of color, some scraping. The tools are uncomplicated, but as in any interaction, it is in the relationship of these marks, of the color or lack of color, of the positioning of the marks to each other and to the edges – this is where the intricacy begins.

The works that I create are “drawings” – but they are not sketches, nor are they renderings of objects or experiences. The drawing itself is the experience. Each drawing is comprised of a variety of materials and of many methods of mark-making: from scraping to fine line to strokes and splotches of color. Although the art work is relatively large scale, some of the drawings are quite subtle and minimal, while others are more bold and expansive.  (This is due to the response quality in the making of these drawings).  It is an intuitive process in which each scrape, mark, and stroke relates to the next scrape, mark, and stroke within the borders of the paper.

Just as in the back and forth process of good conversation, the artwork unfolds to become sometimes a boisterous cacophony, at other times an intimate heart-to-heart, and still others a repartee. Also, as in a conversation, there is the courage of introduction, the first stroke; and the discovery of the response. Inclusion of new input can change the direction of the encounter, but unity is maintained by remaining mindful of the content – whether it is the border of the paper which are lines themselves, or the jots and swirls from the interior.

I invite the viewer to share in the conversation looking at and responding to each mark and layer of markings as they move over the page.”

Edwina Brennan: Edwina received a BFA from Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA, and also studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.  She has had solo exhibitions at Muse Gallery, Educational Testing Service Princeton, Sande Webster Gallery, Rosemont College, and Hahnemann University. Edwina has had work in numerous group shows including Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, Ursinus College, Settlement Music School, and Bryn Mawr College. She received many awards, including First Prize Fellowship at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Rohm & Hass Purchase Award at PAFA.