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Carol Wisker: Accumulators.


Long time 3SG member, Carol Wisker presents Accumulators, an exhibition of sculptural assemblages, selected by curator Barbara Bassett, the Constance Williams Curator of Education for School and Teacher Programs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In Wisker’s recent exhibition Left Behind, the Accumulators brought together textiles and findingsfrom a variety of cultures left behind due to migration.  In this  new exhibition Wisker extends her definition of the Accumulators to also include aggregations of “created natural growth” in her fiber, wood and textile sculptures.

Curator Barbara Bassett says of Wisker’s installation:

“Carol's work takes what the world leaves behind: hinges, gears, fabric and fibers, furniture and antiques, bones and cocoons... and imbues them with new stories and purpose.  In each, we find the familiar transformed, compelling us to look deep within ourselves.”

The works in the abstract Accumulator series are fashioned using the domestic art techniques of crochet, wrapping and braiding to form surface textures on a variety of shapes and forms that will be ceiling, floor and wall-hung.  In this exhibition Wisker also presents painting-like fiber works created through her hand and finger manipulation of painted wool roving in its basic combed state, depicting multi-colored flora, hills and valleys on round and square fields of dense off-white cotton.

Carol Wisker is a sculptor, painter and installation artist, born in Brooklyn, NY and who now resides in the Philadelphia area. Carol studied textile arts and received a BA in psychology at Mansfield University and her Masters of Education from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her artistic practice included a fifteen-year tenure at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the Division of Education and she also instructed art history and studio art in maximum-security men’s Correctional Facilities for twenty years.  Wisker’s work is in corporate collections and has been shown in museum exhibitions, most recently at the Delaware Art Museum.  She is a member of Philadelphia Sculptors, Assemblage Artists Collective and the da Vinci Art Alliance, and has also participated in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in 2016 and 2017.  She is a member of and her website is

Curator Barbara Bassett is The Constance Williams Curator of Education for School and Teacher Programs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  She has spent over 30 years leading programs and developing resources that encourage children and adults to have rich personal experiences with art.  


Artist Reception and Talks: Saturday November 11, 5-8PM.

Artist Talk by Carol Wisker: Accumulator...I Am! Saturday November 11, 6:30 PM

First Friday: November 3, 5-9PM