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Magdalena Elias: Everything Is Illuminated

December 2 - December 27, 2015

First Friday: December 4, 5 - 9 pm

Artist Reception: Sunday, December 6, 2 - 5pm

I began weaving gobelins two years after my friend Karen’s unexpected death.  While sitting on another friend's couch, some thoughts were breaking through that overwhelming darkness that was surrounding me every minute since Karen’s "promotion."  In those moments I was deluged by random memories of conversations we had about ... everything.  Eventually, a single memory came to predominate—Karen and I, sitting at Zeda’s Latte Lounge, drinking some of Zeda’s specialty blend, laughing at our quixotic existence.  As I meditated upon that memory, my first design, Don Quixote tilting at the windmill giant, emerged.

A second, companion memory—of my venerable Grandfather Miloslav—gifted me with the means to express Karen’s inspiration.  In my mind’s eye I could visualize him sitting in his  favorite chair, working on something he called gobelin.  As he worked, his peacefulness radiated outward and I wanted to share in that peacefulness, so I began work on my first piece, “The Inversion of Don Quixote.”  Shortly after its completion, another memory cascaded into my consciousness: Karen and I having a heated discussion about afterlife and Chinese mythology. Thus, my "Connector of the World," my interpretation of the dragon that carried the non-corporeal part of Karen to the afterlife.

As personal, slow, and dim a process of mourning is, the monotony and tedium of hooking, latching, and tying acquired a luminous, meditative quality.  I have come to realize that this process is reciprocally reproducing: I create it and creates me, simultaneously, instantaneously, eternally loving EVERYTHING into existence.   EVERYTHING is illuminated.  EVERYTHING is perpetual awakening.  EVERYTHING is the Aurora of memories made manifest.


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